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Solved- Facebook’s Libra Coin Halt by Congress
Posted on Jul 05 2019 by marketnewsfirst

The first real distributed crypto-exchange, powered by PAI-TECH intelligent bots, proves efficacy that could be ‘Libra’s solution to U.S. Congress. 

Congress is putting the kibosh on Facebook’s Libra coin, nicely, for now. Their concerns are quite valid. Facebook is large enough to actually disrupt the global economy with the issuance of their own coin. The last time this was done was when Moses stripped the entire economic base out of Egypt in a single day. 

This is not the first time we have been here in the U.S. An alternative currency to the U.S. Dollar was attempted by the Hunt Brothers in Dallas in 1980 with silver. That did not work out so well for them, however, they did not have over 2 billion customers that could exchange the new currency in a single click of a button. 

A solution to oversight of the ‘Libra’ that congress is demanding, is already available and deployed. Next Generation AI Bots, created by PAI-TECH, is powering the full, independent exchange of cryptocurrencies on the D’BOT Exchange. 

The Israeli company’s technology is so cutting edge that it has empowered people to take command of their trading, minimalized fees & trade time and eliminated theft. The security, good enough for the Israeli government, along with ease of use, is the largest attraction to the D’BOT Exchange

No cryptocurrency presents a clear & present threat to the USD, due to their lack of stability, caused mostly by thin trading within their market potential. At present, it is impossible to pay employees’ wages in a coin that doesn’t guarantee the value labored for it. A crypto-based economy would swing the labor-equivalent price of a gallon of milk from a half hour’s labor to a month’s worth in a matter of minutes. 

Facebook’s Libra Coin could truly be the first cryptocurrency to achieve homeostatic stability due to the volume of potential participants. The Libra would not be thinly traded if a third of humanity used it. In fact, it would be the first interchangeable currency to be directly utilized by over 2 billion people. That level of efficiency requires intelligence that can respond to individuals and provide accountable trade at a systemic level. 

Three things are going to happen: 1) Libra will be realized; 2) Congress will be satisfied with oversight, and 3) PAI-TECH Bots are revolutionizing the internet in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the demands of Congress on Facebook’s Libra, why not utilize a solution readily available?

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