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Want Clean Water, Pay with a Token

Want Clean Water, Pay with a Token
Posted on Jul 13 2019 by marketnewsfirst

In the final scene of “The Big Short,”  there was a sentence describing what Dr. Michael Burry was doing with his time, and it summed up simply where the sleuth of the housing collapse thought he should be investing next. It was water, and the line said, “Michael Burry is focusing all of his trading on one commodity: Water”. 

That was more than a decade ago, and water as an investment has continued to build a base for investors, and the advent of tokenization is the way the consumer will pay for utilities like power and water in years to come. The combination of declining supply and exploding global demand will put water dead center as nearly all commodities seek some sort of stable coin within digital currency.

Tokenization is simply using a “utility” poker chip to pay for electricity, water, natural gas or other basic commodities in a world where these commodities become scarce, and as Dr. XY concluded in his narrative ending the movie, scarcity will drive prices higher, which also lends itself to the current tokenization trend separating the traditional Wall Street funding from other new capital raising methods like ICO, IEO’s, and other Digital Currency options as these alternate sources to raise capital surface in the form of a coin. The water market is a natural candidate to tokenize, as well as other fuels, as these are simple and necessary commodities for the 7.7 billion people worldwide.

We spoke to LifeQuest (LQWC) CEO, Max Khan who said, “The world is seeking sustainable solutions through decentralized wastewater treatment which ‘get back to nature’ while using 21st century technologies. We feel that the innovative BioPipe can reduce water scarcity and alleviate pressures on groundwater and other natural water bodies. This is critically important for irrigation, especially in water stressed countries.”

Companies like LifeQuest (LQWC) are invested in the future and have a commitment to this global problem. The tokenization of this valuable commodity and following companies who are assisting investing in water is an important space to follow especially as these commodities integrate with tokenization.

Dr. Burrey stated clearly his next investment target more than a decade ago in a final tagline for a movie, and it has taken a while for the world to catch up, but it now seems far from fiction as the globe begins to digest serious water scarcity and solution.

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