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Water Reuse and Low Footprint Water Solutions

Water Reuse and Low Footprint Water Solutions
Posted on Jul 13 2019 by marketnewsfirst

While much of the news around water scarcity centers around technological improvements – rightly so – water reuse methods often go overlooked as a practical initiative that could turn small improvements into big changes. Tips like placing a bucket in the shower, rain barrels, and grey water collection systems can save hundreds of gallons per family every week.

Grey water, defined as water reused from dish washing, laundry and bathing, was part of a recent study in Jordan where irrigation water for olive trees was sourced from gray water in the surrounding home units. The study found that grey water did not have any adverse effects on the olive trees and the surrounding vegetable crops.

Grey water treatment is a popular solution for managing the water supply because it leaves a low impact footprint. A company in the United States, Biopipe, now owned by LifeQuest Water Corp., has established themselves as an industrial alternative for sewage wastewater treatment with low environmental impact

The company is working to establish itself in tanneries, textile manufacturers and fisheries in a hope to quell industrial pollutants with their eco-friendly treatment system installed inside existing pipes. The company has already had success with 24 plants using Biopipe around the world.

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